B4Badges.com is a simple and hassle-free environment to buy high quality, scarce, mostly British, Military, Police, Prison Service and Northern Ireland pin badges and insignia. We all know the sacrifice many men and women have made down the years to provide us with freedom and to keep us safe. This website aims to recognise their bravery and offers you the chance to purchase a little badge that serves as a token of the memory we will always have for our brave service personnel.

Military Badges

View our range of military badges including military vehicles.

Police Service Badges

Have a look at our police service badges. Mainly remembering those who served within the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) in Northern Ireland.

Prison Service Badges

View our range of prison service badges. Remembering those who have served in the prison service and still do so today.

Ulster Defence Regiment

The Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) was an infantry regiment within the British Army. It served in Northern Ireland and was mainly made up of local personnel, many of whom on a part-time basis. View our selection of badges remembering those who served within the UDR.